A Trail Through Time / Taylor Jodi

A Trail Through Time / Taylor Jodi

  • Быстрая доставка: Омск и Омская область
  • Тип товара: Книга
  • Издательство: Headline
  • Артикул: 4960457
  • Автор: Taylor Jodi
  • Год: 2023
  • Наличие: В наличии
1170 руб.
1180 руб.

Описание и характеристики A Trail Through Time / Taylor Jodi

The fourth book in the bestselling Chronicles of St Mary's series which follows a group of tea-soaked disaster magnets as they hurtle their way around History. If you love Jasper Fforde or Ben Aaronovitch, you won't be able to resist Jodi Taylor.
Sometimes, surviving is all you have left.
Max and Leon are safe at last. Or so they think.
Snatched from her own world and dumped into a new one, Max is soon running for her life. Again.
From a 17th century Frost Fair to Ancient Egypt; from Pompeii to 8th century Scandinavia; Max and Leon are pursued up and down the timeline, playing a dangerous game of hide-and-seek, until finally they're forced to take refuge at St Mary's where a new danger awaits them.
Max's happily ever after is going to have to wait a while...

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